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Oculus Connect announced, plus RakNet middleware acquired by VR company

What do you think about Oculus Connect?
Permission given to use photo by Oculus

Ever since Facebook acquired Oculus a few months back, we've been wondering where exactly things are going to head for the company and now it looks like in September we'll get a better idea of that. Oculus has announced its first ever Oculus Connect event for "engineers, designers and creatives from around the world."

Starting on Sept. 19 and running through Sept. 20, Oculus will be taking over the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. Oculus Connect will be an event where development minds can meet to share and collaborate their ideas all in the hopes of creating exceptional VR content.

If you're looking to attend the event, you can head on over the Oculus's application site to fill out an app of your own. Additionally, Oculus has acquired the middleware organization RakNet. This company's tech is designed for "cross-platform, high performance applications that operate across a wide variety of network types."

Oculus top brass have had a working relationship with RakNet's lead engineer, Kevin Jenkins, for a long time, so it seems that relationship, coupled with appropriate timing, has helped spur on this new acquisition. RakNet will be open-sourced to the Oculus's community.

Oculus VR undoubtedly holds the most promise for those who have high hopes of virtual reality becoming a major player in the tech industry. While there has been doubt among some who believe Oculus is now taking a different approach to the types of industries it will create content for, the company has a strong stable of developers and creative minds to bring amazing content to a wide variety of audiences, gamers included.

We are still quite a ways away from seeing this device land in the hands of consumers. That said, Facebook is now providing a stronger financial base for Oculus to work on, so we should be seeing the product hit the market sooner than we would have without the acquisition occurring. Oculus Connect begins on Sept. 19.

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