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Oculous Rift

We have heard about virtual reality simulations since the 1980's and even seen some products come to fruition (remember the Virtual Boy) in an attempt to escape our own reality. Perhaps the day is finally upon us with the invention of the Oculous Rift virtual gaming goggles.

The VR head-set has a high-resolution display, wide field of view, and low-latency head tracking (basically being able to physically turn one's head and view with decreased lag). For more information on exactly what low-latency head tracking is check out this link:

The guys at Oculous VR have been working the kinks out since August 2012 and after its kickstarter launch last year they have now released the second development kit (DK2) of the Oculous Rift. You can pre-order this product now for $350 on

No major companies have committed yet to producing games for the Oculous Rift but there is a lot of exploration apps that look really cool! Also, there are many other games and apps that are also offered. VR may finally be upon us and without a doubt it looks great!

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