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Octomom welfare fraud: Nadya Suleman abuses system, prison possible

Octomom is being charged felony welfare fraud. Nadya Suleman has three felony counts against her and if convicted on every one of them, the single mother could face more than five years in prison, TMZ reports Jan. 13

Charges against Octomom were filed by the L.A. County District Attorney's Office. One count is aid by misrepresentation and the other two counts are perjury by false application for aid. The D.A. is slapping Suleman with these felony welfare fraud charges because it is believed that she avoided paying "nearly $30,000 in earnings between January 1-June 30, 2013."

Suleman allegedly did not report income received from January and June of 2013 having to do with "personal appearances and residuals from videos," the report said. There is the one video she made that was "adult-oriented" involving only herself.

The D.A. has requested that the judge set Octomom's bail at $25,000.

Every six months or so to a year, Octomom makes the news for something really stupid or for messing up. She has made headlines for being an unfit mother, having her kids live in squalor, being broke, having nowhere to live, using food stamps, making pornographic videos, and now welfare fraud. She has always been good at wanting sympathy from the public and for people to give her a break, but it is the same old story with her.

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