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Octomom pleads 'no contest': Pays back thousands and 200 hours community service

Octomom pleads 'no contest' to welfare fraud and gets probation for 2 years and 200 hours of community service.
Octomom pleads 'no contest' to welfare fraud and gets probation for 2 years and 200 hours of community service.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Octomom has entered the plea of “no contest” to the charges that she committed welfare fraud. In return for this plea, the mother of 14 kids will now do community service, or at least she is ordered to do community service, according to the Los Angeles Times on July 14.

Nadya Suleman, which Octomom’s real name, was also given two years’ probation along with 200 hours of community service, reports the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office today. On top of this she has already repaid $26,000 back to the California Department of Health Care Services and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services for the welfare benefits she received, according to MSN News today.

Octomom is a woman whose life reads like a book of bad decisions, as a single mother she became famous after having octuplets, which were awarded to this woman through in vitro fertilization. This raised havoc around the country because she was a single mother with little means to care for this brood and her other six children.

It was the doctor who agreed to implant so many fertilized eggs who rattled the public's cage. This seemed a bit unethical considering Octomom’s lot in life at the time. While her proverbial book is full of bad decisions, it has also been an open book from the time her eight children were born. She was made famous for having the eight kids all at once.

Many thought that fame was the motivation behind her multiple birth pregnancy. She got fame, but only the 15 minutes for doing something out of the norm, like having eight kids at once. Then she was forgotten until she found another road to fame.

She didn’t know how to support her kids so she first posed topless and then went on to make a porn movie in which she self-pleasured herself through the entire flick. The mom of 14 didn’t have a sex partner for the movie, which she claimed was the only way she would do this, so a solo-act became part of the deal. She refused to have sex with anyone on screen, but masturbation was O.K. in her book.

She still denies making a “porn movie” she doesn’t believe it falls under that category of porn because she didn’t have a partner in the flick. After that she made numerous stops at gentlemen clubs stripping and she even appeared on Howard Stern using a new vibrator for his audience.

Because her life was such an open book at the time she made the self-pleasuring movie, people knew this and were up in arms that she would collect welfare benefits when making thousands from the movie and other sexual venues. This kicked off an investigation and today it was decided in court that she now has probation and 200 hours of community service.

Will the 39-year-old mother of 14 have time to do this, or will her fans see her in court next year for failure to follow through? This is Octomom and she has many chapters left in that book, hopefully the tide changes and some good decisions start to materialize!

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