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Octomom breastfeeds doll babies at drag queen show

Octomom Nadya Suleman
Getty Images/Getty Images

In what has to be the most bizarre and warped action by Octomom yet, on Friday she appeared in a drag queen show in New York.

Just hours after being cleared of allegations of sexual abuse and child neglect (see article here), Octomom appeared at “XL Nightclub,” a cabaret and lounge in NYC. As a participant in a drag queen show, Suleiman first pretended to feed a plastic baby doll with a bottle of vodka. Next she whipped out her breast and pretended to nurse the plastic doll. Quickly handed another doll by one of the drag queens, Octomom proceeded to nurse both plastic dolls.

There was strong language used during the act and the “plastic pretend babies” were thrown on the ground, simulating child abuse. It was at this point that Suleman stepped into the act by rescuing the plastic babies and caring for them with vodka and breastfeeding.

Here you can see pictures and a video of Octomom performing in the drag queen show. WARNING! The video is disturbing. It has offensive language and nudity.

What do you think of Octomom's bizarre actions?


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