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Octomom Begs For $150,000

(Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images)

Octomom is asking for fans to donate $150,000 so that she can buy a house. She has even setup a website so that people can donate online to her cause.

Let me pause here for a second.

It just strikes me as wrong that this lady who became famous for having a bunch of kids and becoming a porn star is now asking for money from hardworking people. What happened to all the money she made??

Where did it go? And why should I or anyone else have to give her money? Can't she get a job? I used to think that TV mom Kate Gosselin had issues but at least she didn't go around begging people for money to help raise her kids!

Does Octomom have no shame?

Surprisingly people have been donating at the site, but most people are leaving comments saying it is for the kids. One comment says Octomom has already received $3 Million. WOW!


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