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Octodad: A test in weird controls

The sun rises on a gorgeous day. The wife is up and making breakfast for the kids before she goes out to do her errands. She goes in to rouse the protagonist from his sleep...only to put her hands on the shoulder of a cephalopod. This is the whacky world of 'Octodad.'

'Octodad' tells the comedic story of an octopus who has, in a way, disguised himself as a human and must go through life keeping up that charade. Octodad must help take care of the house, fight off spiders in his daughter's room, and teach his seemingly spoiled son not to be such a brat. It's a twisted kind of funny, seeing how everyone else only becomes suspicious of Octodad's actual animal nature when he screws up too much. The plot begins with Octodad's wife asking him to take the night off from his work for their anniversary. Shortly there after, she rushes off to do errands leaving him home to complete household tasks. This is where the laugh meter gets turned up quite a bit.

The objective with this game to get the poor octopus through the tasks left by his wife and helping him complete his mysterious work. This happens to be building a mannequin of himself. So, he must gather the parts for the dummy he needs while assisting in the every day activities of a house husband. Players control the feet and hands of the octopus, trying to help him grab objects, kick balls, and squish roving insects. Sucker cups stick to cups and journals, disorientated feet lash out to help him step forward on jelly legs. Octodad's odd appendages go unnoticed by his children, who just think that he is the best dad ever.

As to not give a way the outrageous ending, grab 'Octodad' and give it a play-through. The sequel, 'Octodad: Dadliest Catch' should be out soon, following up the story of his interesting land bound creature and his human family.

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