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October's Friday Night Magic promo is Fanatic of Xenagos

The Keg Party of the Gods!
The Keg Party of the Gods!

Theros block came to an explosive conclusion a couple of months ago - With the death and betrayal of Elspeth, as she in turn struck down the mad planeswalker Xenagos, who had stolen a place among the Gods of Theros. Whether the ambitious Satyr died or not isn't known, but either way he's definitely lost his godhood; but Xenagos's followers and their zeal for revelry live on in October's Friday Night Magic promotional card, Fanatic of Xenagos.

The Fanatic is considered the best of the "monster" creatures with tribute from Born of the Gods - that keyword replaced monstrosity just to shake things up for the second set, and was widely liked much less than the original monster mechanic was. Regardless, that doesn't take away from the strength of Fanatic of Xenagos. Sure, it's a modal card that your opponent gets to choose the mode of - a punisher, in other words - but both the modes are so strong that it's almost immaterial. The fact of the matter is this is a three-mana creature with trample that'll swing as a 4/4 at least once no matter what. It's already a fringe-played three-drop, and once Tarkir block rolls around it may see even more play.

But the new art is something that really stands out on this card. The original wasn't all that impressive-looking - the Fanatic being in the background and largely obscured by the presence of Xenagos himself - but now that the background is a raging fire, the Centaur stands in the foreground and he looks absolutely livid. He's in a dynamic but realistic pose, he's upturning an amphora of booze to fuel the fire even more, and the expression on his face is absolutely loony with anger. This is a much better way to convey how dangerous Fanatic of Xenagos can be on the battlefield.

Thinking of picking up a copy of this at your October Friday Night Magic event? Let me know in the comments.