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October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

It is important to remember the furry friends that keep our feet warm at the end of the bed. This is why October is so important for dogs.

Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana and participating local veterinary clinics in Central Indiana are offering reduced fee surgeries for the month of October!
Hair of the Dog

Many companies in the Hamilton County area work to do what they can when trying to find new homes for their furry bunch of friends and provide a little incentive for those who already have accepted dogs into their family, which is why for the month of October, the Hamilton County Humane Society is offering a special for their black or brindle colored dogs for only $40 (some restrictions apply).

Hair of the Dog, located at 812 West Main Street in Carmel, advertised that the Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana and participating local veterinary clinics in Central Indiana are offering reduced fee surgeries for the month of October! Click on the following link for more information:

American Towns added a few pointers when going out to find the perfect shelter pet:

1) Give yourself time at the shelter – AT LEAST a half hour. Some animals are shyer than others and may need some time to warm up to a person. Watch their interaction with other animals and people, their general energy and interest level.
2) Kittens and puppies are oh-so-cute, but consider adopting an older animal. They tend to be housebroken, calmer and used to people.
3) Shelters do the best they can to determine the health of an animal, but in many cases, medical records are not available. Be prepared to take your new friend for a checkup ASAP. If you have other pets at home, a temporary quarantine of the new animal in a separate room is a good idea until you know their situation.
4) Ask about discount rates on spaying, neutering, shots and/or microchip identification. Many shelters have arrangements with local veterinarians to provide these services. Before you cringe, spaying and neutering greatly increases the lifespan of companion animals as well as their (and your) quality of life.
5) Consider your lifestyle: will you be away from home during the day? It might be worth getting an additional friend to keep your pet company, ideally from the same litter. Provide food and water, toys and room to play to keep them happy and well-behaved.
6) When you bring your new friend home, make sure small children know how to properly handle and care for them. You might try gradually introducing them so no one makes a bad “first impression.” If you already have animals at home, keep the new pet in a different room for a day or so and allow other pets to “smell” them through a closed door. Supervise their introduction, and be sure to give the older pet lots of attention so they don’t feel upstaged. (

They also suggest that if you are unable to adopt a pet at this time to at least give a little time or money to help the local shelters who struggle each month to pay the bills so they can keep these animals alive in hopes they find a new home.

See below for a list of shelters in the Hamilton County area:

Alliance for Responsible Pet Ownership, P.O. Box 6385, Fishers 317-774-8292
From The Heart Rescue Inc., P.O. Box 659, Westfield 317-340-7947
Hamilton County Humane Society, 18102 Cumberland Road, Noblesville 317-773-4974
Indiana Sheltie Rescue, 23163 St. Rd. 37 N., Noblesville 317-984-5737 is also a great place to find dogs for adoption in local shelters.

Last, but not least, it is always a good idea to seek adoption shelters first when looking to adopt a dog. You can guarantee they have received their shots, are neutered and certainly desire nothing more than some tender, loving care from their new owner.


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