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October animal clinic offers $10 vaccine visits for all metro-Detroit pet owners

Conscientious pet owners can breathe a bit easier with the onset of indoor weather beginning, thanks to The Animal Care Network (ACN), working in association with the Michigan Animal Adoption Network (MAAN).

Detroit pet owners can have their dogs and cats vaccinated for only $10 at ACN's semi-annual event.
Animal Care Network; Michigan Animal Adoption Network

A local animal welfare group, ACN is sponsoring its semi-annual low-cost vaccination clinic on Saturday, October 5. Dedicated to animals in the metro-Detroit area twice a year since 1994, the ACN expects this year’s event to again be the largest of its type in Michigan. April is the other time of year when ACN hosts clinics.

The October event is being hosted by Center Stage Rental Hall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 536 N. Perry Street in Pontiac.

“In these difficult times, so many people are reaching out for assistance with their companion animals,” said ACN Manager Pam Porteous.

As further assistance to pet owners, the organization is supplying about 60 local veterinarians and licensed veterinary technicians at the clinic to vaccinate all animals. They will also educate the public on the various serums needed for good health for puppies and kittens, and offer free rides in some cases to the designated location.

Residents from all communities are welcome to take part in October’s program, but pet owners submitting dogs or cats for shots must be 18 or older.

Dogs of at least six weeks old are eligible for distemper/parvo injections, and distemper CVR is recommended for cats of at least six weeks. Dogs and cats of three months and older can receive rabies shots, and de-worming is also offered for both species.

The fee for each animal is $10, and only cash is accepted.

The Michigan Animal Adoption Network was established in 1994 as an animal welfare group that works tirelessly for the benefit of animals. It provides education and assistance to abused or neglected animals, with a dedicated focus on street rescue, spaying/neutering and locating forever homes for homeless pets.

In its 19 years, MAAN has succeeded in finding homes for more than 6,200 cats and dogs through its Adopt-A-Pet program, and has accommodated more than 100,000 residences by supplying animal needs through ACN’s input. Those numbers include more than 14,000 ACN dog and cat rescues, the spaying/neutering of more than 6,000, and hosting vaccine clinics that handle in the range of 1,200 to 1,500 animals in four hours.

National recognition for the groups has subsequently been forthcoming. That includes an Animal Planet Award nomination, media coverage from Linda Ellerbee of Nickelodean News and a nod from the Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends was established in 1984 as America’s largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals. An additional spotlight was placed with a recent feature presentation on the TV series, American Strays.

For more information on this low-cost shot clinic, please contact Pam Porteous at 248-678-2756 or visit

To reach MAAN, contact P.O. Box 566, Roseville, MI 48066-0556, or call (248) 545-5055.

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