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October album releases-brief overview


Flight of the Conchords, I Told You I was Freaky

Flight of the Conchords- I Told You I Was Freaky: If you liked their first album, then you’re bound to enjoy this album as well.

Cartel-Cycle: The band found success with their single, "Honestly," almost four years ago. Cartel continues to perfect the pop/punk genre with this release.

A Rocket to the Moon-On Your Side: Sound similar to a lot of pop/punk bands out there, but have a catchy sound. The album is worth checking out.

Robert Francis-Before Nightfall: Great lyrics and great sound, if you have not heard of him, definitely give his album a listen.

Mario-D.N.A: Has a good voice, but his sound is too generic. There is nothing special about the R&B singers' latest effort.

The Summer Set-Love Like This: A Very "poppy" album, but if you’re a fan of Cartel or We the Kings, you’ll probably like this as well.

Soil-Picture Perfect: A hard rock album, but not much variety in lyrics.

Converge-Axe to Fall: If you love frantic guitars, wild vocals, and insane drumming; then this album is for you.

Bob Dylan-Christmas in the Heart:  If you are a big Dylan fan then this will help complete the collection, otherwise, save your money.    

Tim McGraw-Southern Voice: Country fans should embrace McGraw’s newest album.

Upcoming releases for October 27, 2009 to watch for: Atreyu, Creed, Michael Jackson,Weezer, and Wolfmother.

For more in depth CD releases go here. Also, the ones above are available now for purchase.

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