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Ochocinco Reality Show: "Love is like football" (video)

Chad Ochocinco at Disney's ESPN "The Weekend" (Photo/Vanessa Guzan)

Chad Javon Johnson, now known as Chad Ochocinco, turned in his dancing shoes and is looking for love on his new reality series called Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch.

Regardless of whether he calls himself the "Top Dog," "Big Kahuna," "Ocho Cinco" or "Hachi Go," the Florida-born wide receiver knows reality television can be good for his wallet and his popularity, a fact that became obvious after his toe-tapping debut on Dancing with the Stars.

The ever-so-humble super athlete began his new television venture by introducing himself as "a record-breaking wide receiver with a colorful personality. [A man] who is more than just football and unlike any athlete that has ever walked the earth."

During his opening narrative, Ochocinco says he'll have fun with the reality show, and will make viewers laugh, but if fans don't think its funny, then "child please" (Ochocinco's acceptable version of the bad words your parents taught you not to say).

Ochocinco believes that, 

love is like football; it really breaks down to who wants it more, and a little thing called luck."

The series is his springboard for taking a chance and finding the girl who deserves his championship ring.

The premiere of the VH1 dating show began with the Cincinnati Bengals star putting 85 women through the rigorous pace of tryouts. 68 of them failed to make the team, and Ochocinco proves that the ladies need to go big, or go home.

The self-confessed dating failure has four children: Jicyra (10), Chad Johnson II (5), Chade (4) and Cha'iel (3).

For those who missed the earlier episodes of this quirky dating show, full episodes are available with a RealNetworks' SuperPass. Fans can sign up for a free three-day pass or pay $14.99 for a monthly subscription. Tune in to watch the show live on VH1, on Sundays at 9:00 p.m., and keep up with all the Ochocinco tweets by following him on Twitter.

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  • Rachael-Buffalo Cooking Examiner 4 years ago

    I tried watching this show, twice. I couldn't make it through more than 10 minutes. Thanks for the article and the video.

  • Fran Relationship Counsel Nashville 4 years ago

    Good article

  • Cindi 4 years ago

    Good article, but these "looking for love" reality shows drive me crazy. Don't watch them.

  • Sara Broers (Austin, MN Teen Examiner) 4 years ago

    Looks like an interesting show. I've never watched it, but may now have to check it out. Nice article.

  • Rebecca A. 4 years ago

    I long for the days of VH1 playing videos. Ooops, did I just age myself? LOL

  • Bec 4 years ago

    @ Rebecca A. Ditto, not a lot of 'M' in MTV nor a lot of 'V' in VH-1.

    I was oddly bummed that he was doing such a show after watching him on "Dancing with the Stars," but what do I know?

    Good piece, though. ( :

  • Annie C., NY DVD Examiner 4 years ago

    Interesting...may have to check it out.

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