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Oceanside Coast Highway a smart growth drive

Coast Highway street in OCeanside.
Coast Highway street in OCeanside.
City of OCeanside

The City of OCeanside has street life renovation work on its heavy traffic Coast Highway stretch on standing order. Citizens, on the 11th, had the opportunity to support a plan to turn the corridor into a complete street walkers can gather on and shop, or request eh city back off.

City locals wait on the city to finish its Coast Highway Corridor Study. The study will assess the transportation trips taken along the local corridor I-5 travelers use to pass through, and onthe side streets, and, decide the choices the city has to lower the traffic volume that averages 25,000 trips a day on the city's long busy stretch. Using a lane between Buena Vista Lagoon in the south, and Harbor Drive in the north, to make headway through OCeanside has long been a path drivers take. Sprinter riders using the train station in south OCeanside, and bus riders stopping at the north OCeanside station, share the road with the drivers driving the street lined with car dealerships and drive-ins.

Cutting the lanes down from four lanes to two lanes, the recommendation the city plans after the end of the study, would be a turning point in OCeanside's work on building sustainable communities along a smart street.

Keeping traffic dangers away on Coast Highway would open the opportunity to make walking wide pedestrian streets lined with street furniture and new street lights easy. The plan is to put in landscaped medians and roundabouts to keep traffic speeds down on a two lane highway. Using new bike lanes, bicyclists would have room to take over street space. Lowering the on street parking would ease the traffic flow. Preventing delays. Oceanside plans to build shared parking and parking garages.

City councilmembers, who decided last November, the time was right to do the corridor study, once city leaders agree on the complete streets choices, will decide on keeping the Highway 101 line west of I-5 slow in the future.

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