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Oceanless Waves for the Beach Babe


It's official, I miss the beach. I miss arriving at the beach. I miss being at the beach. I miss having sun kissed skin and sandy feet when I leave the beach. I miss my comfy beach chair, I miss my wavy beach-hair. The list could go on until summer’s here and since that’s quite a while away, we’ll need a little beach love to hold us over until we can have our toes in the sand again. Okay, so in the dead of winter we’re out of luck on the whole sun-kissed-skin, sandy-feet thing. But lucky for us the ocean is not the only place to find waves. For beach-y hair this season, look no further than your kitchen cabinet.

 the secret ingredient: sea salt

the how to: mix 2-4 tablespoons of sea salt into a spray bottle and shake it up. spritz onto towel dried hair. scrunch. instant beach waves. no sunscreen necessary.


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