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Ocean of Dreams: Costner owns Oil Spill Clean-up Technology (Build it and They Will Come)


Well, it's been proven once again; art mimics life.  Revisiting a role he played in the 1989 blockbuster, "Field of Dreams", Kevin Costner is a present day Ray Kinsella, only this time, the field is the Gulf of Mexico, and the current oil spill situation is brutally real, dangerous and getting worse by the day.  Kevin Costner became known as an environmentalist shortly after the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, eerily, also in 1989.  Costner and his brother Dan have invested much of their own money to create a radically new oil spill clean up technology and company called 'Ocean Therapy Solutions'.  The primary product of the company is a $24 million centrifuge-based technology that can effectively separate oil from water at the (present) rate of 200 gallons per minute. 

Costner's company presently has 31 working products and BP (Beyond Petroleum) has contacted Ocean Therapy Solutions to establish an initial dialogue with the hope of ultimately testing the equipment on the current Oil Spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  According to John Houghtaling II, an attorney working for Costner, the centrifuge technology in their equipment effectively separates oil from water, returning water that is 97% pure and safe water.  According to Houghtaling, the company is currently working to address the remaining 3% water purity that would result in completely safe drinking water as output from the technology. 

The primary challenge, at this time, is pure economy of scale as the volume of oil to be separated and cleaned up in the Gulf of Mexico is exponentially greater than the current capacity of the equipment.  Nonetheless, there is potential for success and the concept is being considered as an alternative to help in clean up efforts.

The tag line from the Field of Dreams movie is ever so appropriate and foreboding; "Build it and they will come"...  Well, come they have.  Watch a brief interview with Kevin Costner and John Houghtaling II as they explain their technology, company and passion for the environment:  

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  • anton 5 years ago

    I've been searhing for a "clearing house" of oil spill disaster
    solutions.There are so many Ideas and real solutions out there,but
    how do we disseminate all this information?I myself thought of more than a few things BP could've done,since obviously they had
    no clue.

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