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#OccupyWallStreet coming to Las Vegas

V for Vendetta face Guy Fawlkes serves as the face of the national Anonymous campaign.
V for Vendetta face Guy Fawlkes serves as the face of the national Anonymous campaign.

The newest movement that is being inspired by #OccupyWallStreet has now founded a Las Vegas group appropriately named Occupy Las Vegas!/OccupyLV or and had their first meeting tonight September 27, 2011.

Can we save liberty and freedom?

Many have been remarking on the media blackout that is the Wall st. protest and the Las Vegas protest plans to take advantage of press and media opportunities to show the world that they are here. Occupy Las Vegas' main goal seems to be yet undefined as is in Wall Street however, the main goal is to stop the top 2% of wealthy decide our politicians, our lives, and our income. It is this reporter's sense that the goal of the group is to show that as free people Americans have to stand and fight for rights especially when a virtual police state and corruption in goverment is so high as today.

Why should we be worried about this relating to civil rights you may be asking? During such protests as these it is very likely for mass arrests to take place. The Las Vegas ACLU has already been contacted and is ready to help during this 24/7 protest for as long as it may last. Demonstrators in #OccupyWallStreet have been arrested for whistling, wearing masks, writing with chalk on sidewalks, and so on...All seen by protestors as erroneous claims to break up what has been a very peaceful protest.

So when can you expect to start seeing Occupy Las Vegas and where? The date is October 6th, 2011 which marks Day 1 of the protest. The kinks are still be worked out as to location, however to stay updated about this protest please visit one of the sites above or this site: Occupy Las Vegas is calling ALL citizens of Las Vegas who are sick and tired of economic hard times, have an axe to grind with politics, disgust media, offended by police state, and all other such beliefs to join this movement and stand up for our rights as Americans.

If you have missed what is happening in New York City's #OccupyWallStreet due to media blackout please feel free to check out their Live stream here as well as their webpage to see updates and live video of the events unfolding. Las Vegas will have a UStream as well when it begins.

Many other cities in the month of October will be joining in these protests so if you live outside Las Vegas search your city and find your local chapter. This examiner will be covering this as it develops and look forward to talking about all the ways we can help.


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