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Occupy Wall Street? Occupy Huntsville? All-one or all-separate?

Occupy Wall Street Manifesto
Occupy Wall Street Manifesto

Inspired by the revolution in Egypt, crowds are gathering against Wall Street throughout the United States, as well as across the globe. For four weeks, people have been camping out in Zucotti Park in New York City in hopes of radical change.

In light of the recent article series "All one or All separate?," this new development adds to the significance. Stated again: are we all members of a unified collective, or are we individually separate from anything and possibly everying in this world? More and more people are clearly gathering together in support of revolutionary change. It will be interesting to see how current events continue to develop in the coming weeks, and how reflective it may be of the minds of the American people. For more articles on this topic, see the links below.

Citizens are peacefully organizing. Uniformed police are reacting with violence. "Occupy Wall Street" is a movement representing the majority of people speaking out against the very small minority controlling the entirety of the world's wealth. "We are the 99%" is a common slogan labeled on their demonstration placards, referring to the belief that 1% of the nation's population controls 95% of the nation's wealth.

An anonymous witness reports from New York City: "The situation is intense here. Women are being beaten." A majority of these people are college graduates who cannot find decent jobs to pay back student loans. But when asked of demands, few are capable of explicitly listing a plan of action for change.

Is this a leaderless, disorganized, and angry mob? or will true progress result from this internationally recognized cause?

As this movement has become a worldwide endeavor, will we see the demonstrations of an Occupy Huntsville? What does this mean for local communiites being "occupied" by these crowds?

Occupy Wall Street is now at the top of Google News, as reports are being published en masse every hour. Check out the latest news to follow the newest developments. For an alternative look at this story, be sure to take a look at John Stewart's perspective by watching the video posted alongside this article.


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