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Occupy Wall Street: How will it end?

President Barack Obama: It did not happen quite the way he intended, but Americans have become united under his administration.
President Barack Obama: It did not happen quite the way he intended, but Americans have become united under his administration.

One of President Obama’s primary objectives after his election to the White House in 2008 was to unite Americans.

It now seems that in 2011, President Obama has done just that!

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has united people from every walk of life, and in doing so has taken on a global appeal that is uniting people all over the planet!

Individuals, groups and organizations around the world have descended upon the international financial industry demanding that they be held accountable for their greed and for the role they have played in our slowly deteriorating worldwide economy.

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has also provided Americans with the perfect platform for addressing additional challenges that have not only plagued our nation since its founding, but that have also managed to keep us divided on many of our common issues.

However, we all seem to think and feel the same way when it comes to the imbalanced distribution of wealth in this nation, and we all understand that the consequences could be severe if we continue to allow the chasm to grow between the upper, middle and lower classes.

There is power in numbers, and it looks as though (as Americans) we finally have the numbers needed to stimulate the necessary dialogue that will effectively change the way we do business in Washington D.C.

Politicians and financial experts alike have been scrambling around the clock in search of a strategy that will bring “Occupy Wall Street” to an end – because it does not appear that anyone will be walking away from this protest anytime soon.

We will seemingly be in this one for the long haul. There has been no desire expressed by anyone to pass on the failings of our system to future generations.

Americans, not divided by race, gender, religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation, have decided to take a stand now to make a difference for the future.

The initial agenda is clear – reduce the growing gaps between the classes. What is not clear is how to reduce these gaps.

However, there is one thing that is certain for all of us when it comes to this issue of balancing the financial field of play in this nation – nothing will change if we do not develop a plan to address the target, move forward together and stay committed to the course (just as President Obama intended).

“Occupy Wall Street” is democracy in action, and if the movement is successful…it will be a movement that will never end. We as Americans will stay together and continue to insure (through assembly and protests) that our government implements and enforces the necessary reforms that will create jobs, stimulate economic growth, and provide all Americans with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of living in a prosperous society.


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