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Occupy Protesters Soon Face Toughest Challenge

The Occupy Movement, which began on September 17th of this year, will soon be facing their toughest challenge to date.

This challenge will not come from mace toting, SWAT shield shoving police bearing a slight resemblance to the Vietnam-era officers who clubbed and bloodied non-violent protesters. It will not come from the municipal lawmakers continuously scouring city ordinances to locate loopholes to oust the people from public arenas. But this challenge will come from none other than Mother Nature.

The protesters on Wall Street, in Boston and Washington D.C., and other cold weather cities in Canada and Europe will soon be forced to endure sub-freezing temperatures. Many have prepared for the upcoming winter months by investing in winter tents, similar to the ones the military utilizes to protect their soldiers in unbearable weather conditions. According to sources, the Occupy Wall Street General Assembly authorized the purchase of twenty of these tents, at a cost of $20,000.

However, with the likelihood of the Occupy Movement losing momentum in the cold, the protesters may find a new avenue to get their message across to the public, the politicians and the 1% - by moving themselves indoors.

If this occurs, the 99% may instill another level of pressure upon lawmakers to restructure the taxation of the nation.


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