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Occupy Oakland Police Brutality Ignored By Local Media

Occupy Movement Ignored By Local Newspaper
Occupy Movement Ignored By Local Newspaper

Americans have always had to depend on the media to be their eyes and ears to monitor events transpiring around the country. Indeed, the Fourth Estate is allegedly a non-partisan watchdog that protects the innocent by exposing malfeasance in politics and in a greater sense, keeping tabs on undue influence by wealthy industrialists and corporations on the government tasked to conduct the people’s business. The Fourth Estate has transformed itself into the First Mistake.

Particularly, the lack of reporting on the Occupy movement that is protesting the influence wealthy industrialists, Wall Street, and corporate banking interests has on the government demonstrates the corporate-owned media’s complicit involvement in helping conservatives destroy the poor and middle class. Nearly every media outlet has failed miserably to report on and investigate the motivations and goals of demonstrators across the nation because they are controlled by the Republican Party who are in turn controlled by the wealthy and the corporations they own.

The outrageous assaults on peaceful protestors in Oakland are but just one example of the media’s refusal to report the police brutality and unconstitutional breaking up of American citizens who are exercising their 1st Amendmentright to peaceably assemble to petition for a governmental redress of grievances.” One may wonder why a violent attack on the protestors in Oakland, California was omitted from newspapers in a city 70 miles from where riot police fired plastic bullets and tear gas at demonstrators who were assemble peaceably. The simple answer is the McClatchy Company owned chain of newspapers is a shill for conservatives and little more than an extension of the RNC. The newspapers are the epitome of hypocrisy for omitting reports about the Occupy movement when during the teabagger’s assemblies and disruptions of town hall meeting during the healthcare reform debates, readers received a daily dose of Republican rhetoric about the abject hatred the American people had toward President Obama and Democrats for attempting to help 30-40 million Americans get affordable health insurance coverage.

The media also failed miserably to report on citizens across the nation who spoke out against Republican efforts to push the Heritage Foundation’s Medicare privatization scam on poor, retired Americans. It is becoming painfully obvious to even the most ignorant American that the media in this country is controlled exclusively by Republicans and their front groups the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, and the Koch-owned Americans for Progress. It is also worth asking if the editorial boards of newspapers around the country have to run their choice of stories by Karl Rove and the RNC.

The Occupy movement will continue growing despite the willful omission of reporting by the media. As the movement grows and more Americans learn the protestors share their belief that corporate control of the government is unacceptable, anger and retribution at the media for their complicity in Republican, Wall Street banks, and wealthy industrialists’ takeover of the government will spell doom for the nation’s corporate media. Americans deserve better from Republicans and their sycophants in main stream media outlets and as the last newspaper is forced to shut down their presses, they will have no-one to blame but themselves for acquiescing to conservative and Republican’s corporate-fueled devastation of individual freedoms and economic malfeasance.


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