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Occupy Las Vegas begins

At the first day of protest October 6th, 2011 .  Everyone here is here for separate  reasons but have come together for this reason.
At the first day of protest October 6th, 2011 . Everyone here is here for separate reasons but have come together for this reason.
Occupy Las Vegas

Over 1000 protesters showed up on the Vegas Strip according to the Las Vegas Review Journal and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and all three news channels Channel 3, 8, and 13 were there reporting on the occupation. Many of the protestors here are unemployed or underemployed due to the recession. The many people that are employed are tired of the capitalistic system that has created the top 1 % that do not pay taxes.

This remarkable occupation has spread from Occupy Wall Street in New York City all around the country. The virtual media blackout that took place the first 2 weeks of the occupation has now swung to covering all the negative aspects they can find, making the occupators appear to be affiliated with one party. However, the one major idea the whole movement is trying to emphasize that they are also protesting against politics and are not affiliated with any party. There are every type of people from very conservative to the very liberal and everything in between.

Occupy Las Vegas has released a statement of their intent below:

" The first questions that come out of anyone’s mouth whenever a new political movement arises are, “Who are they?” and “What do they want?”

They are good questions and should be answered.

WHO are we?

We are the 99% of Americans who have not benefited from the various financial bailouts, tax breaks, and other subsidies that the dominant 1% of the population have gained over the past several years.

We are students, workers, veterans, the unemployed, those on Social Security benefits, and those whose savings and investments were either wiped out or greatly diminished by the economic fluctuations starting in 2007.

We are those who have had our homes foreclosed upon or are about to have it done to us, those whose homes are now worth a fraction of what we paid for them, and those who have never owned a home and don’t expect to ever be able to.

We are the newly poor who wonder how everything for which we worked hard vanished so quickly and how we and our families are going to survive.

We are the long-time poor, who have never had much of a chance, let alone a voice, to make our own way in our current social and economic system.

We come from all backgrounds, races, and religions.

We are concerned about and more than a little scared by the directions in which we see our lives, and the lives of our families, friends neighbors going, the directions in which we see our nation and the whole planet going, and we are angry with those who have taken us in those directions.

We are part of a much larger global and national movement that wants real changes in how the world is run.

In short, we’re you, and you are one of us.

WHAT do we want?

We want an end to corporate money’s influence in politics, whether through campaign donations, PACs, or other groups. Money is not speech.

We want truly effective campaign finance reform, so that corporations and other interests have no overwhelming advantage over the rest of us in any part of American politics.
We want far greater legal accountability for public officials and corporate executives, and we demand that, if found guilty of committing crimes while in office, they are made to pay for those crimes in full, like anyone else.
We want our justice system to treat everyone, regardless of origins or social class, equally at all levels and at every stage, from investigations through trials and sentencing.
We want a moratorium on foreclosures, an end to the continual attacks on our social safety net and on the rights for workers to organize themselves and, if need be, to strike to get better pay, benefits, and working conditions.
We want secure and sustainable investments and improvements in our social infrastructure, like schools and libraries, and to create an America where everyone may actually live in a decent and dignified manner, an America where everyone's rights count and are respected by all.

This is who we are and what we want. We ask for no more and shall take no less. We are the 99%, and we will not be silenced. "

To see the coverage of this occupation by News Station links have been provided below:

Channel 3 News -

Channel 8 News-

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