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Occupy LA is Placid, Though Steamy

The movement, I believe it can be called that now, the Occupy Wall Street Los Angeles movement is peaceful, growing exponentially, by the hour, by the country, nine hundred cities at last count.

The goals are becoming more defined, even if still not pointed as the mainstream tends to require for there to be legitimacy to the protest, in their minds. By the mere fact there are no succinct demands, makes this collaborative collective movement for the masses, or the 99% more effective perhaps.

In Los Angeles the mood is positive, and very peaceful. Two LAPD officers in uniform were posing for protester photos on the south steps of City Hall last night. A band was jamming, a movie reel about chicken farming was being shown, and all was serene in the middle of the OccupyLA community.

On the west side of City Hall the GA Meeting was on, the North side is where speakers for this night were given a mic and a few minutes to spread their messages, and group conscious to a crowd of 250 or so listeners. A positive node.

The mood is welcoming and the movement definitely has a healthy head of steam. Members of Congress are already backing off their initial “growing mobs” definition and speaking of the need to end the economic disparity. Quite the reversal in just a few days.

"Occupy" seems to be causing a ripple. This is the point. For now.


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