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Occupy Everything

Reuters reports on Occupy Wall Street today, as the movement is at international proportions, it is "not as large as hoped."

Occupy Huntsville for Solidarity Day!/OccupyHsv/media/slideshow?

Rome witnessed tens of thousands of attendees protesting with the scene eventually leading to violence.

Even Huntsville joined the international "solidarity day" showing its own level of support Saturday afternoon, totalling in over 100 attendees with many more driveby's honking in support. Surprisingly, the demographic was farily heterogenous: Age, ethnicity, educational and professional backgrounds, all seemed to be of a diverse population representative of America's melting pot.

The NYC protest currently involves only about 5000 participants. There are signs of organization as peaceful consensus groups are forming around topics central to their cause. Maybe we will see some organized and explicit discussions about their suggested process for change.

Or maybe no-one will take them seriously or listen, and everyone will return to "life-as-normal."

The LA Times reports on one major issue fueling this movement for change, only one example in the ways the American people may know less than they think.


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