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Occupiers to break down camp

Protesters of Occupy Albany are upset with the police for breaking up their little meeting at Academy Park. Has it occured to them that they have been allowed all this time to deliberately break the law? The city has put up with their requests, their rantings, and their lawlessness of trespassing after hours and the rest of us are supposed to tolerate it?

In the old days we were escorted out by police when we violated such laws. Today we give them land to possess. Just because some are afraid of what might happen if they are not tolerated. Well, then why can't any group wanting a place to protest just settle into a park and claim they are just expressing their rights, forget the law?

This sets up an interesting presidence. The Tax Tea Party movement spent the money for the proper permits and told they had to leave at a specific time. Next time all they have to do is claim they are just expressing their rights and they will have to be granted a stay for a couple of months.

The Occupiers may even have difficulty narrowing down what they are protesting. Some claim an animosity towards corporations making a profit and not hiring, others want to demand the rich pay their fair share, while others want student loans forgiven.

Instead of attacking corporations who hire employees, try applying at some. Do they not realize that most work is available because of corporations? The poor never keep workers employed. The Bible says if a person doesn't work, neither shall he eat. There are jobs available. Instead of protesting and whining about no one hiring, search them out.

And people are demanding others pay their fair share. That sounds like a good plan. Perhaps the 47% of people not paying income tax should pay a percentage. Those getting welfare and those receiving more income tax than they got taken out should pay into the system like everyone else. Then it would be fairer. The top 1% pay the majority of taxes as it is.

And why should the burden be on taxpayers for students' choice of education? You want an education, then pay for it. Many of us couldn't afford college. We all can't be medical students, lawyers, and engineers.

That is enough for today's rant.


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