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OC Filmgoers can help Frozen this weekend

Although the poster features digital artwork, Frozen was shot without computer generated effects.
Although the poster features digital artwork, Frozen was shot without computer generated effects.
Ariescope Pictures, Anchor Bay Films, Frostbite Features

Rarely do movie audiences have such a direct impact on the future of theatrical releases as they do with independent films like Paranormal Activity and Frozen. While positive buzz from fans helped expand the micro-budget Paranormal to a full release, another independent horror film is calling for support from fans across the United States. Adam Green’s Frozen, a film about three skiers trapped on a chairlift high above the ground, hits select screens February 5th and has the opportunity to grow if the numbers are right.

With the threats of hypothermia, starvation, frostbite, heights, and wild animals weighing down on the stranded skiers, Frozen promises to be an intense movie experience. It “[w]ill do for skiing what Jaws did for swimming,” according to Brad Miska of Bloody-Disgusting. Audience members have reported sweaty palms and knotted stomachs after sitting through the ambitious Adam Green’s third film. Green first captured fans with his directorial debut, Hatchet, an old-school slasher film that was high on gore and low on seriousness. Immediately after Hatchet, Green ventured the opposite direction with Spiral, a slow thriller that focused on characters and tone. Frozen will hopefully combine the fun of Hatchet with the strong performances of Spiral, creating an exhilarating theatrical experience that will please horror fans as well as general audiences. In fact, Green has stated that the best compliment he has received regarding reactions to Frozen is not about the horror elements but “how many people have cried while watching it.” (Dread Central)

Fans living in Southern California are lucky enough to have the most options for theatrical releases of Frozen this weekend. If enough seats are filled on Friday and Saturday (they are not expecting much from Super Bowl Sunday), then the film is likely to expand to a full release throughout the United States. If you are interested in seeing Frozen this weekend, head over to Ariescope Pictures to see the full list of theatres or check to see i your local Orange County venue is listed below:

AMC 20: Fullerton
AMC 30 At the Block: Orange
Regal Century Stadium 25: Orange
Edwards Spectrum 21: Irvine
Edwards Stadium 22: Brea
Edwards 20: Aliso Viejo
Regal Foothill Town Center 22: Foothill Ranch
Regal 16: Garden Grove


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