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Obviating Christian Atheism

What is Christian Atheism, you ask? It is a number of things, especially a movement in Christian education in some colleges in the 1960s. That movement coined the term.
More than that it is a recurring movement in Christianity due to the particular appeal Christianity has to atheists.
You have perhaps often heard atheists claim to believe in no god, but if they had to choose to follow the teachings of one, they would pick Jesus Christ. Other religions have some appeal to atheists, but none can compare to Christianity in that regard.
Because religion can be such a cumbersome and difficult study many followers defer to the leaders to deal with important details and so misunderstandings of "true" religion are often rampant.
On the surface perhaps Christianity seems to atheists to allow people to do whatever they like and still have whatever they want, which on being applied equally to everyone should prevent any abuses of the system, at least as they see it.
It is a very appealing system and seems to require no god to run it, at least it seems to the poorly educated.
It is an increasing movement lately. Christian Atheists for example often see no problem with homosexuality. They don't see how it interferes with others doing whatever they like and still having whatever they want.
What they don't see is something other religious teachings the world over do warn about. There is a profound flaw in the "freedom" Christian Atheists find so appealing.
While freedom is an important theme in religion east and west, it is not the same freedom found in some political rhetoric lately.
While freedom without self reliance might make sense to some western politicians, it doesn't make sense in application to the real world. Of course in religion people might depend on "god" for much, but the important point often missed is that they are not to depend on other humans so much. People who have faith in a god are more self reliant than people who have faith in government or military prowess instead. Religion typically places a natural limit on government. Christian Atheism does not.
Strict marriage laws and strict property laws, such as recommended by the commandments, do not "control others" so much as they ensure that all people take care of themselves as religion intended. They ensure that people are as "free" as possible in this material plane. It is the truly equal application of freedom.
Yet it can be difficult to persuade Christian Atheists that if you want people to do whatever they like and still have whatever they want, the only practical way to do that is to have serious marriage and property laws. They don't understand how their failure to recognize God turned too much control over to worldly government or how much mischief government can be.
How can you tell if a Christian is really an atheist? When people don't really believe in any "god" it is usually not difficult to see what is in fact supreme in their lives.
Some people for example who claim to believe in a god actually believe in money and nothing else. Those often defend strict property laws without defending strict marriage laws. It could be a mistake to accuse only Republicans of that problem. People like that are everywhere, including the Democratic Party. They openly admit to being "fiscally"conservative without being "socially" conservative as if that made any sense. How can property be secure if marriages aren't?
Other people who claim to believe in a god actually believe in the force of government or the military beyond the limits recommended by religion. That describes most Christian Atheists lately, but there have also been atheists who attempt to call themselves "Jews" albeit without success. Christian Atheists believe in freedom, but keep trying the wrong formula to achieve it. Their application of the wrong formula then offends the military of other religions and so on. That just expands the military of several countries. However righteous and just the cause might be or not, the military methods of for recent example ISIS might expand several military programs.
Another way to find out who are really atheists is to simply ask them. Presented evidence for the existence of a god would they try to hide the truth? Many will tell you plainly in front of witnesses they would try prevent such truth being "noised abroad." Usually it would be in an effort to afford government or the military more power than they believe those can maintain if such truth got out. That's because they don't understand control, freedom or right government, as detailed here.
They also don't understand science and might lie to defend it. Lying to defend science is totally ridiculous. That would only lead to a blind faith in science and blind faith is not science, it can't be. Witness the bad math and science of recent health care reform.
They aren't reading the writing on the wall. In the recent television series "Cosmos" Neil DeGrasse Tyson tells the truth that science does not have all the answers, but more important than science admitting that, Christian Atheists must admit it, all the better to mind their own businesses the right way.
People who fear that bad behavior will come from a belief in "magic" need to realize how much bad behavior has already come from overconfidence in government.. This is not to say that all government is bad. Government limited by a godly and god fearing people can be necessary.

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