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Obtaining a Lincoln NE marriage license

A worksheet is available online for the marriage license, but it is not a valid application.
A worksheet is available online for the marriage license, but it is not a valid application.
Lancaster County Clerk

If there is one part of the wedding planning process that is cheap and easy, it is applying for a marriage license.

The cost of the license is $20, which includes $15 for the license, and $5 for a certified copy.  The County Clerk's office does accept checks.

The bride and groom need to apply for the license in person at the Lancaster County Clerk's office, 555 S. 10th Street, Room 108.

Business hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Evening appointments are only offered on Thursdays.  Otherwise, no appointment is needed.

You must bring your driver's license or passport as proof of identification.

You will need to know your parent's birth date, their place of birth, mother's maiden name and your social security number in addition to standard name and address information.

The County Clerk will give you two forms that you will need to remember to bring  to the wedding venue or church on your wedding day.  The officiant and your two witnesses must complete the forms before, during or after the ceremony.  The black and white form must be returned to the County Clerk.  Your officiant may offer to do this for you.  The "Keepsake" form may also be completed, but has no legal value.

Other things to know:

  • Your license application is valid for up to a year before the marriage date.
  • The legal age to get married is 19 without parental consent.  If the applicant is at least 17, they will need a notarized consent form signed by a parent for the license.
  • The State of Nebraska does not recognize same-sex marriages.
  • If you have been divorced, you must supply the date of previous marriage and date it ended.  A waiting period of six months and one day is required after a divorce to receive a marriage license.
  • The minister or officiant does not need to be certified by the state of Nebraska to perform the ceremony. As long as they are authorized to perform marriage ceremonies, that will suffice.
  • You can search past marriage license applications and request a copy of your marriage license from the Lancaster County Clerk's Office dating back to June 1976 at:


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