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Obtaining a career as a Zoo Keeper

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Have you ever thought of becoming a Zoo Keeper? It is an opportunity to work with exotic animal species, from around the world. With there only being so many Zoo's in a state, competition is fierce, and you will need to have the qualifications to get noticed.

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Being a Zoo Keeper requires working weekends, holidays, and possibly some evenings. You will have to work in any weather conditions. Animals always need care and to be a Zoo Keeper, you need an open schedule. You will spend a majority of time cleaning exhibits, prepping food, making enrichments, and even some training. It is a very physical job, and those who go into the field, go into it for the love of animals. As a Zoo Keeper, you will need to have good public speaking skills. You will be interacting with the public and will get questions about the animals in your care.

First, I will start off with the educational requirements. You must have a high school diploma. While in High school, I would recommend concentrating on science courses.Then, it is highly recommended that you attend a college to obtain a four year degree. Biology or Zoology, would be a good choice if your looking into Zoo Keeping.

Even after the education requirements are met, experience is very important. Look for volunteer opportunities at a local zoo, animal shelter, or stable. A good majority of Zoo's offer an internship, while you are in college.

One more important aspect of this job, is being willing to move to another city. Since these jobs are competitive you will want to consider sending your resume to other cities, to help increase your chance of landing an interview. Be consistent and keep applying even if you don't get an interview right away. Good luck!