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Obsolete vintage Rolodex sell for over $50 on eBay

A Rolodex is obsolete but profitable on eBay.
A Rolodex is obsolete but profitable on eBay.

If you are a Baby Boomer or Gen Xer, a Rolodex was a familiar item in your home by the kitchen wall phone or at your office. For those a little late to the party, a Rolodex is a desktop card index, usually a smoky black color, that held cards with names, telephone numbers, and addresses. The card file either rotated in a sphere or was on a flat base with a hinged cover. The Rolodex went the way of the rotary phone in the 1990s when electronic data storage became more efficient and portable on Blackberrys and cell phones.

If you have a vintage Rolodex, you may want to dig it out of storage and see what it is worth on eBay. Completed listings show sales of up to $75 for a single Rolodex, complete with names and addresses on the cards. This actually sounds a little creepy - that people are selling their old address books with names and addresses of their friends and relatives included. Perhaps that is part of the allure of a used address file.

Also look for Rolodex card files at garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores. The circular models sell for the highest prices, but the flat base models still sell for up to $40. Also look for the dividers and blank refill cards as those also have value on eBay. View all completed sold listings for vintage Rolodex here on eBay.

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