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Obsidian discusses 'Skyforge's' central hub - The Divine Observatory

The Divine Observatory
The Divine Observatory
Photo courtesy of fortyseven, used with permission.

One of the defining traits of every single massively multiplayer online game (MMO) out there are central hubs that serve as locations for players to peacefully interact with each other. Whether this be towns, trading hubs, or just outside a the start of an epic dungeon, these locales are crucial if developers hope for people to form alliances and work cooperatively.

Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment are taking a unique approach to this with their upcoming Skyforge, a new action-combat MMORPG. We went hands on with the game, and began by roaming around what looked like a library combined with futuristic holograms and a sky-bridge. At the center of the structure lies a 3D hologram of the planet Aelion, as you approach the surroundings fade away and you're left standing on nothingness with only the beauty of the planet and the backdrop of stars.

Further away, NPCs populate the room, giving it a quite but lively feel. Holograms of various beasts scatter the room and windows line the exterior. Outside lies a futuristic urban megalopolis that's simply breathtaking.

We spoke with Obsidian Entertainment's Development Director, Eric Demilt about what his team calls the Divine Observatory.

"What [the planet hologram] does is it shows all the adventures that are available to you at any given time. All of the solo stuff, all the group stuff, all the PvP events, all the big raids, and dynamic content."

To Demilt, this is what differentiates Skyforge from all other MMOs, "So you have a macro view of what's going on in the world rather than, in a lot of MMOs you have a micro view."

But outside of this, it also serves as a central hub for all of the players on your server.

"This is kind of the place where all the player characters would be jumping around, doing all their stuff, showing off, the stuff you see in traditional MMOs," says Demilt.

Sign-ups for closed beta are now being accepted on's website.

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