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Observations on Enlightenment

Enlightenment must come little by little-otherwise it would overwhelm.”
-Idries Shah

In spiritual literature, have you ever wondered why there are few straight forward discussions concerning outcomes of enlightenment; or said another way, once you have traveled a spiritual path, and gained inner capacity, for you personally, what will spiritual ability look like.
Here are a few reasons for this limited discussion, and some personal observations.

• Increased Capacity. Typically enlightenment means increased light and increased spiritual understanding/experience. This way of being or inner experience is very difficult to put into words or physically describe. Additionally few people are able to tell you exactly what your future spiritual skill set will look like. No two people are the same and spiritual development is dependent upon different factors: including personal ability and Grace of the Unseen Forces.
• Examples of Spiritual Experience. In the literature, some spiritual experiences described include: visions, capacity to read minds, messages from the other side, sublime ecstatic states, hearing the inner voice, intuitive understanding, wisdom about certain situations, dreams that come true, and prescience/knowing. Because something is described doesn’t mean you will experience the same thing; these spiritual capacities are dependent upon the needs of the situation and the emerging design.

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