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Obnoxiously loud DJ mars Passenger re-inauguration

The banner on Passenger's new, permanent State and Shelby location.
The banner on Passenger's new, permanent State and Shelby location.
Alonso del Arte

After a few temporary locations and periods of inactivity, the Passenger gallery now has a permanent home in downtown Detroit, and that's cause for celebration. The inauguration event earlier tonight featured top-notch artists, delicious hors d'oeuvres and quality local beers. Unfortunately, the DJ ruined the occasion with idiotically high decibel levels. People go to an art gallery to look at paintings, photographs and sculptures, not to have their eardrums damaged as some music school drop-out indulges his fantasy of being an actual performing musician.

Passenger, founded by Brian Barr and Lauren Rice, was sighted at a temporary Woodward location in 2012 and was barely heard from in 2013. Now, according to a press release, "with generous support from the Knight Foundation, Rock Ventures and Bedrock Real Estate," and featuring the work of brilliant artists such as Prof. Gilda Snowden of the College for Creative Studies (CCS) and her former student and Red Bull House of Art artist Austin Brady, the one-night inauguration event for the permanent location seemed, at least on paper, like a winning proposition.

The concurrent construction on Woodward Avenue, the Eminem concert and the Detroit Lions game (the Lions beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 13-12) caused enough noise and headache around the gallery. But inside the gallery, the DJ only added to the stress. According to Brady, the current exhibit will be up for a month but only by private appointment, hopefully without an unnecessary DJ to disturb the appreciation of the artwork. The gallery's website is