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‘Oblivious Signal’, The Haven Saturday, February 15, 2014

‘Oblivious Signal’ are a metal rock band from Deerfield Beach Fl who first came together in 2008 and brought their unique sound to the Orlando area at Winter Park’s The Haven on Saturday February 15th, as one of the opening acts for Chicago based ‘URN.’ I was lucky enough to sit down with ‘Oblivious Signal’s’ lead singer, Cristina Feliciano for the interview (attached to the right).

Pictures taken during the show.
Cashback International Inc
Cristina Feliciano and Oblivious Signal
Cashback International Inc

Before the show the band members were busy mingling with a European label rep; they discussed getting started (as a "made" band) and compared the strategies of getting established both here and over there. Cristina, a graduate of Full Sail University's Entertainment Business program, was a well of knowledge.
Then, at 9:15, 'Voices' started playing to a distracted audience, who were soon redirected to the performer on stage having a breakdown, which put an end to their set.
Ahead of schedule, at ten sharp, 'Oblivious Signal' began their set to a now fairly crowded venue.
Cristina riled up the crowd during breaks with a lot of crowd interaction and movement, all over the stage. She used the full range of her voice in a way very different from other metal acts, never staying in one pitch for too long.
Mid-act Cristina invited everyone present to attend the upcoming shoot for the video of their song 'Crash' , in Fort Lauderdale, the third week of March. Please contact them via their website for additional information.
All in all, between their parley with the instruments and precisely delivered vocals, 'Oblivious Signal' warmed the crowd UP.

In an exclusive post-show interview, Christina spoke for the band saying that they appreciated the fan turn out, interaction and can’t wait to come back.

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