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Obliterating the myth of 'white privilege'

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Without denying the historical reality of slavery in American History, there must also be no denial of the Emancipation Proclamation (proclaimed by a Republican) which freed the slaves. There must also be no denying the advances, and prosperity, of the African-American in our free society. There must also be no denying that more African-Americans have died from abortion--at the hands of other African Americans, to include political race baiters like Al Sharpton and Barack Obama, both vehemently Pro-Choice--than from slavery, and systematic racism. There must also be no denying that African-American poverty is no longer from the evils of 'white privilege,' but from the ideology of Democratic-progressives, and African-American race baiters, who point fingers at the white man, while doing nothing to heal the disintegration of the African-American family, with dead beat dads, single moms (often doing a heroic job), rampant abortion, and prolific black on black crime, conveniently held together by government entitlements. Convenient, that is, for the race baiter, as this situation is his source of continuing votes, and continuing prosperity.

Meanwhile, the evil 'white' man, 'privileged' to be blamed for all of societies ills, becomes the new 'n!'

While Jay Z, and Beyonce, top the charts, and visit Communist leaders, raking in the $, Tim Tebow is criticized for expressing his Christianity in public--exiled from the NFL, mocked by the national media. As Michael Sam kisses his boyfriend on national television, becoming the new civil rights hero, American Marine Andrew Tahmooressi languishes in Mexico, chained to a bed-bunk, for the crime of making a wrong turn near the border. African-American (half) President Barack Obama recently lauded Michael Sam for his heroism, but does not even offer a whisper for Andrew's plight, or his heroism in defending our nation. When Nigerians are kidnapped, the Obama's tweet righteous anger. When four dead white men die in Benghazi, they remain silently indignant. When Trayvon Martin dies in a tragedy, Barack Obama spiritually adopts Trayvon. Yet, when white (female, Jewish, elderly) people are toyed with in a 'knockout' game, Obama, and his white-ophobic media scarcely notice. When illegal aliens are rewarded with college tuition, and drivers licenses, Veterans of foreign wars (many old white men) die due to governmental negligence.

America is currently paralyzed by Political Correctness in many supposed phobias.

Islamophobia purports that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Homophobia purports that if your are not absolutely comfortable with the 'normalization' of homosexuality, you are a hater. Misogyny is charged when women do not get supposed equal treatment--funny how the people who fling Islamophobia around forget Islamic misogyny. And the multipurpose, versatile charge of 'racism' is the bugaboo of them all!

Used legitimately, it is a call to truth, justice, and the compassionate respect of the human dignity of all people.

Yet, it is a heat seeking missile in the hands of race baiters, pushing for illegal immigrants to be rewarded for illegal activities, it is the PC tool of destruction for Catholics who supposedly wage a war on 'women's reproductive rights,' the gay person's 'right' to 'marriage,' and the right to abort a baby--millions who are, ironically, African-American and of other minorities.

So, where is the white man in all of this. Where is his, or her (but mostly his) 'white privilege?'

Personally speaking, the white man is chronically unemployed, or at least chronically underemployed. He is the butt end of comedy, replacing the black man and the spanish man as the convenient boob. He is, in his middle class and lower middle class settings, increasingly taxed to subsidize every other type of American. He is decreasing in numbers, and if he is not gay, or progressive, he is labeled a gun toting, tea party bigot.

And God forbid he's Catholic. You might as well get the lynch mob ready.

Slavery, historically, is in our rear view mirror.

Equal opportunity (under the cloud of lies) exists in our present day.

Yet, racial animosity, and a retribution mentality--not to mention a socially acceptable reverse racism--pervades our nation.

The myth of 'white privilege' holds sway in a revenge mentality which does not seek equality, but retribution. I propose that entitlements, redistribution of wealth, PC phobias, and the gist of the main stream medias message (and Hollywood) is driven by nothing other than racial animosity and a spirit of retribution.

When will America wake up to the reality of its deep seated wounds? When will we admit that racism is a two way street? When will we admit that evil admits no racial specificity? When will we admit that 'privilege' is the domain of haters of all types? Until we admit these inconvenient, non-PC truths, nothing will change.