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Obeying God’s Will – It is the only way

Lent - "Let Light Shine out of darkness"
Lent - "Let Light Shine out of darkness"
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It is through the simplistic formality of constant prayer, repentance, and the continual strive to be better in efforts to please God is truly the only path to sincere contentment. Patience is something that either develops with age or through experiences. Each person is obviously different but still all of us have the ability to be patient. The trick is to try. There is an amazing occurrence when one devotes his or her time to God and ensures trust in His timing.

Humanity is fickle. People are unstable. There is no probable trust belonging to man but rather to our Lord. It is only through God that we sustain life. We are nothing without Him, who is responsible for us being born. There are many that deny our Lord and the Creator, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Woe to them and Glory to God in the Highest.

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Lord of all Creation, is our only way to have a life worth living. Sure there will be those who live a Godless existence and appear happy as can be. In all reality they are lost, confused and twisted in the mind. A life free of worry, endless riches, and repetitive charm. What a life, right?

For those who would rather flee the path of our Lord in exchange for a life of riches and wealth, then go. Flee from His sight. He has already lost you. For those who want to be the best, cherished by all, and have high power over many, please go forth and flourish according to what you want.

Being a faithful follower of Jesus does not imply slandering those who do not do the same. Walking in the humble footsteps of Christ does not permit us to ridicule those who think and feel differently. It is our duty as Christians to continue doing as we are, according to His will, and love thy neighbor as thyself.

This love in which is spoken by Jesus is not the love that has been butchered by man. This love is a selfless, caring, and decent love that we must share with one another whether we would like to or not. Regardless of who it is, be civil. Civility and diplomacy can go a long way, even towards our enemies.

Strengthen your faith in God and trust Him. Our Lord knows best in all aspects of life and we must not forget that. Walk in His Steps and ask that He is always with you. Ask and He will do as long as you continue to be loyal and follow our Lord Jesus. Follow Him, looking ahead and without looking back.

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