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Obesity linked to not enough exercise

Hawaii let's exercise!
Hawaii let's exercise!
Julie Wanner, CMA, AS, FIFHI Certified, Author of "Diabetes Can Be Sweet...Once You Bury It."

The Los Angeles Times has reported that obesity is linked to lack of exercise. A new study suggests that under-exercising, rather than overeating, may be at the heart of America’s obesity epidemic.

Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine report a strong correlation between the rise in obesity and a striking drop in the amount of time Americans spend exercising when not at work over the past 22 years. Their analysis uncovered no evidence that Americans have increased their daily calorie count in the same time period. However, don’t think you can eat an unhealthy diet and it won’t affect your health. Unfortunately, here in Hawaii we have an obesity problem. Therefore, we also have a high percentage of people that have Type 2 diabetes. If your child is obese, they may even have Type 2 diabetes.

The article states that “We wouldn’t say that calories don’t count, but the main takeaway is that we have to look very carefully at physical activity. The problem is not all in the intake of calories,"said Dr. Uri Ladabaum, a professor of gastroenterology at Stanford Medical School.

This does not mean that you can eat a plate lunch in Hawaii every day. Americans seem to be less active and this is causing an obesity epidemic. Have you exercised this week? No, texting on your cell phone does not count. Our society has become lazy with all of its technology. If you’re going to use technology make it work for you and know when to unplug from it. You can exercise by walking or riding your bike to work. If you like to dance join a dance class. As you listen to music start walking on the treadmill or using your favorite exercise equipment at the same time. We all need to become aware of how much physical exercise we’re getting. According to this study, America’s obesity epidemic is linked to a lack of exercise.

Hawaii….It’s time for you to get out and exercise!

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Honolulu Star Advertiser ~ Wednesday, 7/9/14

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