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Obesity levels off in US, but still costs LA big-time


Obesity rates level off per CDCObesity rates in the United States remained constant from the years 1999 thru 2008 for both adults and children, according to two studies by the Center for Disease ControlWhile obesity rates overall have leveled off nationally, the economic costs of obesity in Los Angeles continue to skyrocket.

Los Angeles leads the list of counties that cost California $41 billion annually due to obesity and physical inactivity, according to one study. LA County was responsible for 11,881,507,282 in obesity-related health care costs and lost productivity in 2006, according to the  study commissioned by the California Center for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA).

“To put this in perspective, the economic cost to California of adults who are obese,
overweight and physically inactive is equivalent to more than a third of the state’s total budget,” says California State Controller John Chiang.

In just six years, the reported economic costs of obesity and couch-potato syndrome have nearly doubled. By 2011, the CCPHA projects, obesity will cost California roughly $53 billion, nearly half the state's current budget.

Just a five percent improvement in rates of physical activity and healthy-weight would save the state 2.4 billion annually, the CCPHA says.


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