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Obesity has become an epidemic


  • AJ 5 years ago

    people need to understand that processed food is poison.
    Eat to live or Live to eat? 1 in 4 IL residents must make that decision. Now.

  • Zeke 5 years ago

    Nothing to be said. It is sad. It's time for us all to do something about this instead of just talking about it (like I do). Thanks for the reminder.

  • Rebecca 5 years ago

    Yes it is sad! I understand that crime keeps parents from letting their children go out like we use to be able to do. However, clear the floor of all that furniture and "work that body". Play games with them that require movement, demand more from your alderpeople to get the gang-bangers out of the parks, demand that the corner stores sell healthy snacks... Parents are killing their children because most of them are killing themselves...STOP THE MADNESS! Thanks JoAnn for keeping this topic alive!!!!

  • Rach 5 years ago

    The healthy eating ministry at my church had a health fair not too long ago... I don't know when the next meeting is though.

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