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Obesity has become an epidemic

Folks, what we have here is an epidemic.
One in every four people in the state of Illinois is obese. Not overweight, not chubby, not plump…obese.
The new report, “F as in Fat,” was issued by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Trust for America’s Health—and contains policy recommendations, aimed primarily at coordinating the government’s response to the epidemic.
“The movement to reverse the epidemic is gathering force but we are not yet seeing measurable improvement,” said James Marks, MD, and Senior Vice President of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. “At the national level, it looks like the rise in childhood obesity has leveled off. We’re hopeful that these first signs will be sustained or that we will start to see the numbers turn downwards.”
Why are we obese? Let's count the ways –
Mom and Dad, McDonald’s, Burger King, Harold’s, Wendy’s, White Castle, lack of exercise, etc.
To make matters worse, (possible?) the “friendly” store on the corner is catering to our needs. They have everything we want to buy – candy, cookies, potato chips, pop, gum, etc.
Never mind selling wheat or oat bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and poultry, real juice, whole grain cereals, and real dairy products. We aren’t asking for these items, so they’re not selling these items.  
In addition, we aren’t shopping at any of the farmers’ markets throughout the city; nor bicycling, swimming, running, or even walking, especially to a destination that doesn’t require us to drive our car.
Ever hear of Type II Diabetes? You didn’t before 1960. You also didn’t hear of cancer killing in droves like today. HIV/AIDS? Please.
We must start eating well. We must exercise.  Why are our kids indoors - in the summer? Our children and grandchildren should not be sitting in front of a television or computer game for hours because we are too lazy to go out and play with them or send them out on their own to play with others. They deserve better. We know better.
I have been to too many funerals lately where the deceased has been 60 years old and younger due to heart disease, high blood pressure, glaucoma and stroke. This does not compute.
One in four people in Illinois are obese. This is sad.


  • AJ 4 years ago

    people need to understand that processed food is poison.
    Eat to live or Live to eat? 1 in 4 IL residents must make that decision. Now.

  • Zeke 4 years ago

    Nothing to be said. It is sad. It's time for us all to do something about this instead of just talking about it (like I do). Thanks for the reminder.

  • Rebecca 4 years ago

    Yes it is sad! I understand that crime keeps parents from letting their children go out like we use to be able to do. However, clear the floor of all that furniture and "work that body". Play games with them that require movement, demand more from your alderpeople to get the gang-bangers out of the parks, demand that the corner stores sell healthy snacks... Parents are killing their children because most of them are killing themselves...STOP THE MADNESS! Thanks JoAnn for keeping this topic alive!!!!

  • Rach 4 years ago

    The healthy eating ministry at my church had a health fair not too long ago... I don't know when the next meeting is though.

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