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Obesity And Sexual Performance

Obesity And Sexual Performance

In modern research studies, over 30 % of people who suffer from obesity, also reported having sexual performance issues. The problems indicated by research subjects included low sex drive, lack of desire, being unable to perform sexually, or all three. It is apparent that many sexual performance issues are related to physical complications that are correlated to obesity. Conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and low blood pressure, all have an impact on sexual performance.

For men, sexual performance issues are particularly debilitating. Males who consistently suffer from inability to achieve an erection will lose their desire for sex. Often this is complicated by lower testosterone levels, due to age or other physical factors.
Being overweight can affect the male libido, but simple changes can offset many sexual dysfunctions.

Thinking Sexy and Being Sexy
Losing weight is a good start, but remember your sex life has many levels. Thinking sexy is the only real cure for most sexual performance issues. This is true for both men and women, so don't feel alone. Everyone feels more or less sexy on a daily basis. So the key is to find little ways to boost your sexual self-esteem and make sure that your sexual desire stays at a healthy level. The biggest obstacle for most people is their personal body image. When they look in the mirror, they see an ugly or undesirable individual. This is why losing weight can help with sexual performance.

The difference between thinking sexy and being sexy is primarily psychological, but overcoming the obstacles of body image are mostly physical. As your body image becomes more positive, you will see yourself as sexier and you will feel more desirable too. Once you become aware of this, you are half way there. Now you are ready to begin losing some weight and enjoying yourself sexually again.

Some Simple Steps For Losing Weight

Where should you begin? A good start is identifying any mental or physical obstacles that are standing in the way of your sex life. Start with the psychological issues, then work on your physical body.

How we see ourselves has a tremendous impact on our sexual performance. Most men need to learn acceptance, so they can accept the body they have. Whatever your body size, stature, even the length of your penis, all are just perfect. Don't let the standards of society hold you back sexually. Believe in yourself, knowing that you are a sexy and sensual human being. Be sure to masturbate and let yourself get physical release, especially when having erection problems. This is an affirmation that will keep you from becoming sexually frustrated, your orgasm being the proof of your sexual vitality.

When dealing with being overweight, take things one step at a time. Most men only need to lose a little weight to improve their sexual performance. Even losing 10 pounds is enough to help blood flow to the penis and stimulate your sexual hormones. The keys to successfully losing weight are eating healthy and exercising regularly. Eating foods that are low in cholesterol with fruits and vegetables, will quickly improve your sex life. Combine this with a workout that focuses on the cardiovascular system, breathing, the leg muscles and the pelvic region. Also avoid smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and using drugs.

These lifestyle changes are the simplest methods for improving your sexual performance. They will work, so try them.

Being Happy is the New Sexy
No matter how you change your body, it will only help you be healthy outwardly. Being happy is a daily process. You must find ways to let yourself feel good and do this on a regular basis. Putting yourself first is a valuable thing. Being sexy in the eyes of society is not important, being happy with yourself as a human being is a priority. So trust yourself, know you deserve love and be happy with the person you are, no matter what your size. If you let yourself feel good, your sexual desire will be ample and your ability to enjoy your sex life will be too.

Changing your diet and exercising will improve your physical appearance, plus increase your sexual performance. In truth, being happy is the new sexy.

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