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Obesity in America author: Fit and healthy kids start with the parents

With the recently attention on healthy lifestyles and childhood obesity, many parents and professionals are looking at family lifestyles and discussing what can be done to bring about fit families. Just like any other attitude, fitness begins at home and she offers up the following advice to parents about getting and keeping children healthy and fit. The Houston Family Examiner recently had the opportunity to discuss with Gwendolyn Peoples, author of Obesity in America Is Real and owner of Fit Kidz, Inc. what parents can do to create fit and healthy kids.

  1. Don't just enroll yourself in a fitness center, group or organization. It's good to set the example with your own lifestyle but it's important to find one for the kids too, whether it's an extra curricular activity or the opportunity regularly participate in active play indoors and outdoors.
  2. Get involved at your child's school. It has been proven that kids minds are sharper when they exercise routinely. They perform better in school. The physical fitness enables them to get better grades in subjects such as math, science and music. This is one of the reasons why physical education should be required in the schools. Physical fitness keeps kids from getting depressed as well as acquiring other negative health consequences.
  3. Make fitness fun! When children are having fun it's not exercise it's play. Making it fun means they don't lose interest and want to continue their activities.

She concludes with "The obesity epidemic can be cured by instilling healthy habits early in our kid’s lives. This life changing life style should start in the home. Parents can start by limiting TV time and video game playing time for their kids at home. The obesity crisis can be resolved by putting physical education back into the schools, or putting recreational facilities in our communities, or building physical fitness centers exclusively for kids. Kids need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily."

Gwendolyn Peoples, is the author of Obesity in America Is Real and former owner of a fitness center created exclusively for kids in March 2005. Fit Kidz, Inc. had a mission to foster health and wellness in their community.

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