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Oberon Release Day - Where to get your first pint of the year

Get your first Oberon on March 29th.
Get your first Oberon on March 29th.

Oberon Release Day is Monday, March 29th. For Bell's fans all over the country, it's a day of celebration and the unofficial end of winter. This fresh, crisp brew is a sign to many that summer is just around the corner, and that soon we'll be able to sip our favorite tasty Bell's beer outside on a warm summer evening.

For now, the first sips of Oberon will take place indoors at bars all over Kalamazoo. Countless other bars across the state willl also hold release parties, and even some bars in other states have planned a celebration in honor of what is hands-down Bell's most popular beer.

Thanks to Kalamabrew, a blog written by several Kalamazoo Gazette employees, we have a handy list of the planned events in Kalamazoo for Oberon's first day in 2010.

Midnight Release Parties

* Old Burdick's, 100 W. Michigan Ave. $3 pints, $4 for 22-ounce
* Gallagher's Eatery, 4210 Stadium Drive
* Harvey's on the Mall, 416 S. Burdick St. $2.75 pints
* University Roadhouse, 1332 W. Michigan Ave. $3.50 for 22-ounce
* Fletcher's Pub, 7177 W. Q Av e. $3.50 for 20-ounce
* Main St. Pub, 7509 S. Westnedge Ave., Portage $3.50 for 20-ounce
* Main St. Pub, 4514 W. Main St. $3.50 for 20-ounce
* T.G.I. Friday's, 5650 W. Main St. $3 for small drafts, $4 for large drafts; B.O.M. for April

Monday Releases

* Shakespeare's Pub, 241 E. Kalamazoo Ave. $3 pints until 6pm and $2.50 after 6pm
* Wayside West, 3406 Stadium Drive, Oberon party all day

For a list of events in other Michigan cities, check out Kalamabrew.

Speaking of which, if you're a beer fan in Kalamazoo and you're not following Kalamabrew, you should be. They have excellent information about local breweries all across the state and insider tips on beer-related events. Check out Kalamabrew's home page on MLive here to get the scoop.

Want to get more out of your first Oberon experience of the year? Check out this list of Oberon-infused dishes that will be available at The Union and Fieldston Grille on Monday 3/29. What makes it even better? You can get 40% of those meals with this coupon.

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