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Obamas have spent $44,351,777.12 on travel and vacations

Aloha taxpayers
Aloha taxpayers
Photo by Andrew Goodman


What US president that has cost the American taxpayer more money for elaborate vacations than any other in the nation’s history?


Who is President Barack Obama at over 44 million dollars in taxpayer money on travel and vacations and counting. That amount would take the average American hundreds of lifetimes to accomplish. He has done it in 66 months. It should make his former well-traveled secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton envious, with virtually nothing to show for it including a good tan.

Measure it in any way, shape or form, but far away, the most lavish spender on the public’s dime is Obama. How did this president outshine the likes of George W. Bush, Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Reagan or even the Kennedys?

Here’s the tale of the tape:

For the $44,351,777.12, Americans got Obama spending more time traveling internationally than any other president. He took 31 of those trips since he said, “So help me God.”

Compare this to the president immediately before him. At 66 moths into President George W. Bush’s second term, he had spent 116 days on 28 trips, Bill Clinton 113 days on 27 trips and Ronald Reagan had spent 73 days on just 14 trips.

What is the record for one full year of travel? Barack Obama took Air Force One 172 times, or in easier terms to be disgusted, nearly every other day. The mere cost of flying Air Force One to Obama’s home town of Chicago is about $180,000 per hour.

And the big shot vacations? The Obama family has flown to, none of which are close to government-funded Camp David in Maryland, exclusive beaches in New England, private clubs in Key Largo and, of course, luxurious beaches in Hawaii, his “home islands.”

Beginning with the infamous New York City “date night” of 2010 on the taxpayer’s wallet, the government watchdog group Judicial Watch estimates the Obamas have spent $44,351,777.12 in taxpayer cash on travel expenses.

Now go for the full-blown coronary. As Tom Fitton puts it, the president of Judicial Watch, “Here we have a president that gets on the budget line by line, but this apparently doesn’t apply to his travel,” he told The Daily Caller.

The wine, women and song data, plus housing for family and staff (like the Secret Service and their legendary boozing) are often missing from the public data. “We’ve got this financial crisis here in Washington and the president and his family need to be more sensitive as to the cost concerned with his travel. We are especially concerned about the excessive luxury travel, such as his trip to Hawaii,” Fitton said.

Now for the intensive care news for taxpayers struggling to make ends meet. The president rung up $7,396,531 in flight expenses for his family vacations just to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard. Oh, that also included a bonus trip to a California appearance on the Jay Leno show.
The mail has arrived. Time to see if the unemployment check came.

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