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Obamas have compassion, encouragement for illegal aliens but not their victims

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We've seen a lot of coverage in the past few weeks of the "Fast for Families" dog and pony show put on by the illegal alien lobby and embraced by the Obama Administration.

What we haven't seen, sorry to report, are Mr. & Mrs Obama showing up at job fairs offering encouragement to some of the 20 million Americans unable to find full-time work while the White House continues to condone 7 million illegal aliens holding non-farming payroll jobs.

Even more unsettling is that our "hope and change" president refuses to meet with those whose loved ones have been killed by illegal aliens because our gutless federal government refuses to enforce its own immigration laws.

"The Rememberance Project (TRP)," the Houston-based group who is using a quilt bearing the names of Americans killed by illegal aliens to remind "lawmakers" in Congress who they really work for, has thus far been unsuccessful in its attempts to meet with Mr. Obama. Calls to the White House have not been returned, according to Maria Espinoza, TRP's founder.

A local newspaper columnist recently wrote that if we want to protect our freedoms, we should vote for Democrats. Millions of naive Americans bought into the media-inspired Messiah Road Show in 2008, and they are fast learning that the Obama administration has better things to do than protect the lives of our citizens and their jobs.