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Obamas adolescence pointing to Columbine violence on national scale

The Obama Administration continues to act more adversarial towards the American people than it does the enemies of America. With polling showing that a majority of Americans wants the nation’s borders secured before any proposals of partition of illegal invaders are considered: the Administration continues to intentionally antagonize at the American public, and continues to violate the law while doing so. It is no accident that the Administration is dumping illegals in red states, then providing them legal representation. This is not only a violation of the law, but is shear harassment of those with the audacity to insist those who invade the nation be returned to whence they originated: and that they be returned expeditiously. Indeed, this is a stunt one would expect to see from a high school athlete jealous of the chess champ because the prettiest girl in the school likes brains over brawn.

Obama's adolecent behavior

The nation’s endurance of the Obama Administration can best be compared to a family raising a strong-willed adolescent. The family understanding the immense potential in the child: if only the family could get past the immaturity and the unwillingness of that child to listen to facts and experience. From extreme self-aggrandizement when something goes right, to the constant excuses and blaming of others when things go wrong; even worse, ( and this would even be considered an integrity-challenged child) the habitual lying to justify poor behavior and bad decisions.

Of course Obama's adolescence has been evident from the beginning. It was evident with the posturing of “The Office of the President Elect” it was evident with the propensity of Obama to flip the bird (disguised as wiping his eye, of course), it’s been evident with the constant excuses over his failure, (more especially with the “well, someone else did this to” mantra) as well as the immaturity that explains Obama’s willingness to fix what’s broken in sports instead of focusing on the fact that his policies have destroy good jobs and desperately damaged the national economy.

Adolescence is also evident in the Presidents political party. The challenge is to have a factual, focused conversation about the issues that Americans say are the priority. One will find themselves face to face with a succession of postures: beginning with false-confidence, then dishonest propositions, which will quickly denigrate to the employment of Alinsky tactics (which in themselves are the technique to avoid facts) which will further denigrate to personal attacks, then finally a posture of being supercilious. All attributes of adolescent behavior in their avoidance of reality based on immature idealism.

Wayward adolescents often despise and vilify those who seek to address their bad behavior and poor decisions. One can see in their minds eye the indignant child fuming and accusing the adult of “you just hate me” or in the Administrations case “you’re just a racist and a bigot”> Even these accusations are meant to avoid the facts, or a reasonable discussion that will conclude the antithesis of what the adolescent wants because he wants it. In his article Surviving Adolescence, Carl Pickhardt, Ph.D. describes the mentality of the strong willed adolescent:

"If I want something, I want it a lot." "If I want it a lot, I must have it." (Now the conditional shift) "If I must have it then I SHOULD get it." "If I don't get what I should, that is unfair so I will be angry." "Mad at this unfairness, I will keep after what I feel entitled to." Anger at the injustice of refusal energizes stubborn pursuit of what has been denied.”

This is normal strong-willed behavior, but the addition of vengeance indicates an under lying mental condition that can be identified by certain activity. Dr. R.W Pies writes in his discourse on adolescent violence:

“In the decade since Columbine, a more comprehensive, general profile has emerged that may help identify adolescents at high risk for violence -- though not necessarily targeted violence. It must also be emphasized that placing adolescents in a high risk category is far from being able to "predict" who will carry out a violent act. “

So not only does the illegal immigrant dumping in Red States indicate the adolescence of the President, and subsequently his Administration; but the increased preparation for war with the American people (who have the audacity to disagree with this immature covey of “professionals”) also indicates the violent disorder of the President, Indeed, the warning signs are present to suspect Obama planning a national Columbine event- hiding behind some legal pretense, of course. Will he follow through? Dr. Pies explains the answer is indeterminable. Is the propensity there? The evidence concludes the answer is "yes".

Finally, the Administration itsself reveals its adolescence. From Attorney General Eric Holder being outraged that the American people would dare to hold him accountable, for his activities, to de facto President, Valerie Jarrett threatening revenge on all who’ve ever disagreed with her/their perspectives:

“...Jarrett told (staff members) "After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time.

Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go."

She was talking directly to about three of them. Sr. staff. And she wasn’t trying to be quiet about it at all. And they were all listening and shaking their heads and smiling while she said it... “

Indicating not only adolescence, but Columbine Syndrome.

Some mistake vengeance and violence to be “cute”. Those who are mature understand this to be dangerous. All the indicators are in place. The answer is to give and hold strong boundries on the immature, and the understanding that violence will be confronted and accountability for it will not be circumvented. Imagine the repercussions of all associated with Columbine Politicians: their families will bear the burden of their family name, their children will be castigated for the rest of their lives, and their names will become synonymous with evil. They will join the ranks of Hitler, Genghis Khan, and Vidkun Quisling: all destroying the lives of their family and names.

The American people need strong representation in Washington to circumvent the mental instability of this Administration. The one thing it fears is Obama’s removal from office before his second term is finished. This is the “check” in “checks and balances”.The last thing anyone wants is a national Columbine scenario originating from the White House.

Medical Science indicates the threat is real…