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Obamanomics – Unemployment benefits creates jobs

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This is economics for the galactically stupid. Democrats have forced more Americans out of the job market than at any time since the Great Depression. The depressions of Wilson and FDR, both caused by government stealing American wealth through massive taxation, are being repeated by Obama. ObamaCare is the greatest tax hike made on the middle class since the first income tax.

America was not founded to function as a socialist dictatorship wherein government would steal from those who make money and give to freeloaders. She was founded as the land of opportunity where everyone had an equal opportunity to improve their fortunes in life under the protection of government, not as a socialist state where everyone has an equal outcome. But members of the Right, Center, and Left have vastly different ideologies of how the eggs of the golden goose should be handled.

The Leftist liberals believe that all wealth comes from government and that tax cuts for the rich are unnecessary squandering of that wealth. They believe all money comes from government and there is only so much available so that to give one more is to deny others. Only those who benefit the leadership of the Left are permitted to prosper beyond the means of others and they must regulate them so that only those they choose may prosper.

The Centrist moderates believe that all wealth should be available to government and that tax cuts for anyone is unnecessary mishandling of that wealth. They believe government should be able to take money from one group and give to another or just allow their friends to keep more through subsidies, grants, and tax loopholes. They would rather work with liberals than with conservatives so that they can get their turn at taxing and spending the taxpayer pie.

The Rightist conservatives believe that all wealth belongs to the people who earn it through honest work and that government is an overseer protecting them from thieves both foreign and domestic. They believe government should only tax what is necessary to maintain a military defense, from the armed forces to law enforcement to fire/rescue protective services. They are opposed to government corruption taking more money from people than is necessary to give to their own friends.

Where the conservative government’s relationship to the people is symbiotic, the moderate’s is parasitic and the liberal’s is predatory. Both moderates and liberals destroy wealth, their ideologies eventually killing the goose that lays the golden eggs because of their greed. Both claim they do so out of the “goodness of their hearts” because they “care about the poor,” yet both produce more poor by stealing from the most industrious of the people, while conservative free markets allow more people to lift themselves out of poverty.

By example; under the policies of Speaker Gingrich over five million people left the ranks of the poor, while under Mr. Obama three million have joined them. Middle class incomes have declined for the first time since the 30s, and eleven million America’s who had a job when Democrats took Congress in 2006 are permanently unemployed. It only takes a few months before government policies have a major effect on the economy, yet Americans are such dullards that they believed Obama’s hype that he couldn’t fix the economy in his first four years. His second four is looking worse with ObamaCare taxes kicking in along with its job destroying regulations.

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