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ObamaCare will wipe out the assets of low income families

Remember that one of the primary reasons liberal Democrats argued to pass ObamaCare was the claim that families were being bankrupted by health care because they lacked health insurance and the claim this would not happen if “health care reform” was enacted into law. Now it turns out that it will be an effect of ObamaCare itself, that millions of families will have what few assets they have, wiped out by the government. ObamaCare is going to wipe them out, the very program that was supposed to save them! Another badly broken ObamaCare promise made while Obama and the rest of the liberal progressive politicians lied to us.

ObamaCare stealing the assets of low income families
Wikimedia Commons

Economist Paul Craig Roberts, on his blog site, exposes the details of how ObamaCare will steal the assets of low income families. While is coming about as a result of ObamaCare, it is actually medicaid that is doing it. Individuals and families of lower income, at or below 138 percent of federally defined poverty level, are automatically signed up for Medicaid when they sign up for ObamaCare. They have no choice, they get Medicaid or no health insurance at all. When they are not told by ObamaCare, is, that if die and attempt to pass along any property of value they own (such as their home), the state is allowed under federal statute to “recovery” their property to pay for health insurance expenses provided under Medicaid. The state can go through the probate system to take the property, regardless of what the family had in their will.

This can be done, in some instances, where the property was signed over to the children, within so many years. The federal law allows the states to decide how many years, and in many state it's five years. So if your parents signed the property over to you and your sister 4 years ago, and Medicaid is covering the cost of your mom going into a nursing home, or your mom just passed away, the state is taking your property anyway.

This insidious asset-stealing provision of federal law was enacted in 1993 as part of the huge Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (OBRA 1993) that was passed by a Democrat-controlled Congress and Senate and signed by Democrat President Bill Clinton. OBRA 1993 is the giant budget and taxes bill that the House passed 218-216 on party-line vote with no Republicans voting for it, and then it passed in the Senate 50-50, again with no Republicans voting for it, and Vice President Al Gore voting to break the tie and pass it. Every Republican member of Congress and the Senate voted against OBRA 1993 because it was chock full of massive tax increases. It also included this evil provision to steal the assets of low income Medicaid recipients, which is now be invoked on the millions of families who are being forced into coverage from Medicaid by ObamaCare.

This is one way in which liberal/progressive policies have destroyed the middle class and further impoverished the low income families. This truly is reverse-Robinhood, where the ruling class elite progressives in government, who live in what is now the wealthiest part of the country, Washington D.C., are stealing what little lower income families have left, to spend it mostly on corporate welfare in Washington D.C., while they tell us how compassionate they are for spending a little bit on food stamps and welfare. Overpaid Washington D.C. government class bureaucrats are living in style, driving Mercedes Benz and BMW cars while stealing more money for the working poor and middle class, what is left of them, that aren't already forced into low enough income levels to not have to pay taxes.

A policy like this proves that progressive liberal Democrats are neither compassionate nor for the people. They're for the powerful, the elites, and the government class of Washington D.C. that are getting wealthy at the expense of the tax-paying public. Are you sure your ever want to vote for the Democrats again?

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