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ObamaCare will cut work hours - Patient CARE is a silver lining

The Patient CARE Act
The Patient CARE Act
S. Elvins

Why bother working when you can just stay at home and obtain unemployment and food stamps from the federal government? That is a question many prior employees are asking themselves asking themselves. According to Reuters, “President Barack Obama’s healthcare law will reduce the American workforce by the equivalent of 2 million full-time workers in 2017.” More interestingly in the report the healthcare will cause loss of work hours to take place beginning 2017 and carry through to 2024 because work time hours will be decreased by business owners. In effect the report has stated jobs will be difficult to find employment because of ObamaCare and those currently working will be employed at part-time in comparison to the current status of full-time they are now in.

What is the silver lining for the uninsured?

Patient C.A.R.E. is a new type of health insurance that will take total control away from federal government and place it back into the hands of the American people where it belongs. What is Patient C.A.R.E.; it is the patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility, and Empowerment act. Thankfully, three Republican Senators are faithfully working together to discover a new path to resolve what the uninsured persons in America are in need of. Senator Corburn, Senator Burr, and Senator Hatch have discovered an answer that will allow states ability to manage insurance budgets yet personally give every citizen in need of health insurance the ability to choose their provider.

For more information about Patient C.A.R.E. you can visit this website and read the legislative proposal that has been made. By the way, Senator Coburn is also a medical doctor who does know the importance of this matter.