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Obamacare website glitch: 70,000+ affected by latest Obamacare website glitch

Obamacare website
Obamacare website
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Yet another Obamacare website glitch has been found that has affected tens of thousands of people trying to obtain insurance coverage. On March 21, The Inquisitr reported that many website users were getting a message reading "Not eligible for help paying for coverage" but the message was incorrect and many if not all of those people were, in fact, eligible for assistance.

"The estimator has been using 2014 tax definitions instead of the 2013 definitions it is supposed to be using," reported The Inquisitr. An estimated 70,000 people received this error message... in error.

The Obamacare website glitch may have been overridden by users who decided to "dig deeper" on the website. However, most people were angry and frustrated after receiving the message and didn't bother to look further into the issue. The White House has reportedly fixed this glitch, which is only the latest problem since the site launched.

Other glitches have included various error messages, ridiculously long wait times, and application submission failures. Obviously this hasn't been a pleasant experience for thousands of people who are trying to obtain healthcare -- which is now mandatory in the U. S. of A.

This Obamacare website glitch likely won't be the last but the important thing is that people who were told they weren't eligible for Obamacare likely are and so they may want to try to apply again -- when they have some extra time and patience.

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