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Obamacare website deemed 'too dangerous' to use

Obama administration officials are sworn in to testify before Congress concerning security risks of the Obamacare website.
Obama administration officials are sworn in to testify before Congress concerning security risks of the Obamacare website.
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Despite the multimillions of dollars in taxpayers' money that has been spent trying to correct the mammoth problems with the Obamacare website, a computer expert has stated that the site is much worse now than when it was first rolled out.

Computer security expert David Kennedy, who appeared on Fox News Sunday and testified before Congress, told Chris Wallace and a Congressional committee that he would not recommend that anyone use the website to sign up for Obamacare due to enormous security gaps that make their personal information vulnerable to hackers.

Kennedy is CEO of TrustedSec, an information security firm that engages in "white hat hacking" to help companies and government entities ascertain the level of vulnerability of their websites. Kennedy stated that security risks with the Obamacare site are so serious that even the government has no way of knowing whether the site has been hacked by cyber criminals or not.

And there is no law in place requiring HHS to notify those insured through Obamacare that their personal information has been stolen if, in fact, the site is ever fixed to the point that it has the capability to detect such malevolent hacking.

Kennedy was asked by U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, to explain how the government has no way of knowing if the Obamacare site has been hacked:

“If you look at the infrastructure, it was built independently of HHS, even the security operations centerpiece,” Kennedy said. “The security operations center as of Nov. 17 had not been built or implemented, which means that they didn’t have the security monitoring or detection capabilities to detect the attacks that are being mentioned here today.”

“So to reemphasize, they don’t know,” he said.

“That’s why they can say there haven’t been any,” Smith said. “They’re not in a position to know one way or the other.”

“That’s correct,” Kennedy said.

Another cyber security expert, Michael Gregg of Superior Solutions, testified that even with attempts to fix the problems since October, the Obamacare site is still fraught with gaping holes that make it easy for criminals to get the personal information of citizens:

Gregg testified that in addition to personal information such as Social Security numbers, birthdays, and incomes, places Americans’ medical information at risk.

When asked by Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R., Texas) if a security breach on the exchange could result in medical files being accessed, Gregg said, “yes.”

“The real damage would come afterwards,” he said. “How that information could be used, it could be used potentially to gain financial data, it could be used for identity theft. It could be misused many different ways.”

Both Gregg and Kennedy concluded that nothing has been done since the October rollout of Obamacare to make the site secure. And without basic cyber security in place, the Obamacare site is an open invitation to criminals to steal personal information and engage in identity theft.

Many computer security experts have even gone as far as to tell their clients not to use the Obamacare site due to the inherent danger of its lack of basic security.


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