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Obamacare versus we don't care

Obamacare is one of the most flawed health care systems in the world, even though it now provides health care for more people than America has ever had before. Some are hurt by Obamacare and some are helped, but the pluses and minuses put together are an overall improvement for the world's second largest economy. Why can't we get a better system? There are a number of reasons.

Republicans have a large list of spending which their culture allows: farms, military, bank and auto bailouts, but not health. In short, Republicans don't give a damn about the poor. Insurance, medical and pharmaceutical industries love the large dollar signs which their profession attract. Universal health care might mean that they would have to take a pay cut. After all, the USA has been suckered into paying them the world's highest health care costs. So, the road to universal health care in the USA is uphill all the way. Greed is the biggest obstacle. It is the only obstacle.

There are basically two models which other, more caring nations have adopted, the single payer and the mixed models. Among single payer systems, many are national government but some are municipal government systems. Among mixed models most are funded through a different percentages of taxation, employer and individual contributions. The propaganda on this side of the border will often speak of how bad health care in other countries is, but those comments are often cherry picked and dishonest. For instance, Denmark is often left out of the discussion. They are happiest in the world with their health care.

But happiness of those who have health care is not the point. Any nation that leaves out a portion of its citizens from health care is morally bankrupt. That is the problem that needs to be fixed in America. Obamacare is very imperfect. It may be better for more people than what we had previously, but it is still a morally bankrupt system because it fails to provide for all of Americans.

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